Why do people often assume that all men complaining about the gender double standards only do it behind computers?

I'm just curious. I'll admit that while men and women do have the obvious biological differences, I still hate the double standards in women's favor. I don't agree with the men here on GAG resorting to misogynistic ranting but I do hate how selfish and oblivious many women and men can be by assuming that all males have "male privileges". People often say how all the men complaining about misandry should either shut up and suck it up or actually do something about it. Well I'm actually trying my best to do something about it by speaking up at places where people debate but no matter how hard I try, either men refuse to participate with me (due to the fear of what others would think of them or because they're too egotistical to believe that they too are suffering from societal BS and only think with their genitals) or everyone refuses to listen to me because everyone is so used to treating all women like innocent, delicate, defenseless little beings that can do no wrong while holding this belief that only men can be sex offenders, spousal abusers and murderers.

Now can you GAG users kinda understand why you hear the constant gender rantings from male users here on GAG and everywhere else on the internet?

And just as I expected, everyone still refuses to listen to me.


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  • It's just not something you hear men talking about a lot in the real world so we only see men online talking about it

    • Exactly. They're too fearful to speak their true minds on this issue in real life because of what others would think of them in person.

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    • Good. You seem better than most of them

    • i like how you say 'most of them' (note the sarcasm)

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  • it's not like i actively start discussion like these in real life. but when the discussion does come up, i won't back down and say what i have on my mind. I also find it pretty annoying

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