Why is anyone who is not a Governor taken seriously as a Presidential candidate?

The whole point is you have executive experience. What good is it if you are one of a hundred stooges in the senate or something...


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  • yes i agree.


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  • Hmm how about no? Career politicians are usually pretty scummy. The best president have very little experience or have been vp's, senators or were not career politicians. Most people that want to be president very badly tend to be awful.

    • Sooo Eisenhower?

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    • What do you do now? oops.. I thought you were 23 but I think I mixed you up with the other guy on here.

    • Sales and real estate.

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  • Hmm... this is why the best presidents you've had in the past 100 years were not Governors? like LBJ, FDR, Truman? Bush Jr. was a governor, enough said, eh?

    • Um? What? FDR wasn't a Governor?

      LBJ was VP first. That's different.

      Ditto Truman

    • lololol.. you dope. I like how any view that doesn't represent your reality is dismissed... lolol.. asperger's?

    • Schmuck