I feel like guys dont like me because im not skinny or have straight hair?

I have felt like this pretty much since i was 12-13 years old and i feel it comming back. So growing up i was the ony non-white in my class, my handball team or any other activity i went to. All my friend were/are white so it was only naturel for me to feel less "good enough" when it came to dating.

Most guys approached and flirted with my friends, when i got older i got some attention too, but not in the extent or the quantity as my friends did. So i grew up beliving that i need to be super skinny, have straight hair, use makeup to get attention or get guys to like you.

The recent years (19-20) i started accpeting the way i look and not compare myself to people around me, i mean we are veyr different and just because i look different doesn't mean im unattractive.

I get attention and stuff, and i have been and dates here and there, but it seems like the guys i want dont want meOr the few guys i wanted at least). I just moved and i saw a lot of pretty girl, and im strating to feel less attractive again.
i keep thinking about straigheting my hair, losing 20 pounds or using more makeup etc.. but then i realsie im not unhappy with myself.. but yeah

I dont know what to do or what to feel.. Any advice?


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  • I'm being honest with you, just because you're not skinny doesn't mean that guys won't find you attractive I'm not calling you fat or insulting you in any way (just so you know).
    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and being skinny is not what makes girls beautiful

    • Im not fat, im average.. hence me not calling myself skinny.. And I know.. skinny doesn't necessarly mean pretty

    • Ok Then were on the same page

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  • Guys like skinny girls and straight hair.. they don't mind what kind of hair u have lol

    • i didn't say they dont like me because i dont have it, im just saying it feel like they would rather choose a girl with straight hair/find it more attractive then curly haor

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    • you can't be liked for all of guys..

    • I know...

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