When your friends troll that you two would be a cute couple?

If you'd have a friend of the opposote sex you're spending a lot of time together and being close...

Do you think, they are probably right, or they might he wrong?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • really depends. My clique used to hook me up with another guy in my clique cos they said we looked perfect. But however we were just friends. There's no spark or anything. But be aware that this is not always my case. sometimes people can have a spark in between. Takes time for u to figure out whether u r into him or not. never rush. Rushing won't help, it will often make things even messier,


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What Guys Said 2

  • They're right. A relationship with a beat friend would be amazing until you break up, but just don't expect to break up.

    • Oh, yes. A breakup would be the last thing you need!

  • Yip having same problem
    She spent more time with me rather than her boyfriend
    Its good having such a close friend of oppo. Sex
    Best friend never purpose each other but if one of them purpose other than it hurt I don't know why
    ... by the way its good no problen :D


What Girls Said 3

  • I hate when they do that. Maybe because I'm allergic to love.

  • I sometimes do it to some of my straight male friends lol.

    • Ha! I wish to be you. My friends keep on doing that with a friend and me... and worst is, he is a playful macho. Who tends to flirt with me. Somehow. I dooon't know

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    • He tried to kiss me once, "as a joke" and bursted out laughing because of my flushed face -does that count?

      Otherways I dunno. Sometimes I do, because he is all caring (listens to my problems and stuff and tries to help), sometimes not because of his rude jokes

  • Low key having the same issue. When your friend tells you that you both have a thing for each other but you don't want there to be a thing. I'd like to believe guys and girls can be just friends but I don't know...