A guy told me that he thought I looked gorgeous today?

Today when I was shopping I saw a guy that I know because he works there and a few hours after I saw him he messaged me saying that I looked gorgeous in what I was wearing, and he couldn't help but look at my bum. But then he said "how do not mind me talking about you like that"? And I don't get what he means. Should it bother me that he said that to me? I'm extremely insecure, and people don't say things like that too me very often.


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  • No, you should feel flattered.
    Whatever you wore today complimented you.
    He took notice of that.


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  • He sounds like me. Pure honesty. If "rudeness" gets in the way of honesty for you then yeah be offended if not then hey be flattered and move on. There's no way you're "supposed to be" other than be you. React how you want to react.


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