Why are all muslims homophobic?

so why are all muslims homophobic and stuff?

does it say they have 2 be in their holy book or somthin?


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  • Why are all Christians pedophiles?
    Why are all Hindus vegetarians?
    Why are all Jews greedy?
    Why are all Buddhists pacifists?

    • but in their book it tells them to be homophobic right?

      its different if there book actually says it, and people just stereotyping it...

    • I like this answer :)

    • Well to be fair, vegetarian or pacifist both sound pretty dang good compared to the other labels. xD Man! Hindus and Buddhists get all the luck. :P

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  • Stop using the word "homophobia", that's pathetic.

    Just because someone DOESN'T AGREE with homosexuality and its acts, doesn't mean that they FEAR homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is a sin in Islam, but the the Quran doesn't tell us to be "homophobics"

    • same thing tho m8

      why is it a sin?

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    • and there is that hatred of gays / homophobia im on about

      i don see y u guys need to be so mean about it its not like it effects ur life at all

    • We don't hate gays as individuals, we are just against the acts of homosexuality. If you don't understand the difference then it's not my problem.

      There is a difference between hating a person and hating the act which a person does.

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  • Not all Muslims are homophobic, a lot of them aren't. However, just like it is in Christianity, homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, yes.

  • Not all Muslims are homophobic, a lot of them aren't. However, just like it is in Christianity, homosexuality is forbidden in Islam,
    my family are muslims and they are not homophobic
    my friends are muslims and they pro gays
    its ok. not all muslims are relguios and not all muslims are secular
    every faith have good and bad people

    • You copied the first part of my comment :P

    • yes i did :D i just wanted to add it to mine because im agree with you and i wanted to explain the same point of view :)))

  • Being homophobic and hating homosexuals is to different things.

    Homophobic is being scared of homosexuals which I'm pretty sure they are not. I think they just hate them and believe it's wrong to be gay ( homosexual ).

    • but why do they hate them? i realise their book tels them to but why does it

    • Who ever wrote it hated them so he wanted everyone too.

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  • Why are homos anti religion?
    Islam and many other religions forbid homosexuality, and for good reason I think...
    But now there is so many gays I say
    Leave and let live

  • "Why are all muslims homophobic?"



    • they are tho every muslim on this site hates gay people

    • I literally thought of one right off the top of my head that isn't at all.

  • Why are you unable to craft a coherent English sentence?

  • Aren't many people (not just Muslims) homophobic?