I have a hypothetical question for atheists?

What would you do if there was a group of religious zealots who were protesting against the theory of evolution saying that there's no evidence for it.

Everytime you presented the evidence they just denied it and said that doesn't prove it, you dismiss them as weird or stupid but that doesn't stop them from constantly attacking evolution.

They make YouTube videos and write books and talk about how evolution is a delusion and believers in evolution are confused or incapable. When you ask them to tell you why they doubt evolution, they say things like you have to prove it to them and you a 'burden proof'.

How would you deal with such people and can you see the parallel between you and them?

And you have a 'burden of proof'*


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  • First of all, this isn't hypothetical, this happens all the time. We atheists are always facing people who just believe what they want to believe. After some time, there comes a point when you have to know how to shrug it off and let them go.

    Awesome speakers like Sam Harris and the late Chris Hitchens beautifully debate against religion and it is a good idea to search them on YouTube to see how they themselves respond to these things. It's like poetry in motion. Really. Brings a tear to my eye. :'(

    Evolution as this point is a theory, but we can't ignore the scientific facts have been able to date things like dinosaur fossils and other animals that exist now to map out their own evolution.

    I'm on the side of what makes sense. Present me a logical answer and I'll consider it. If a religious person can't do this, then they are full of just as much shit as a psychic. I've had enough with fluffy, airy-fairy reasons to believe in god since I can have a good life without one. I do see the logical explanation of evolution and human migration, and it doesn't take a wizard to figure out how we ended up all over the planet the way we have. If science isn't a better way to get the answer, then logic certainly is.

    • "Evolution as this point is a theory, but we can't ignore the scientific facts have been able to date things like dinosaur fossils and other animals that exist now to map out their own evolution."

      How would you respond to someone who says you're just filling gaps?

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    • Well let's take an objective look at this, the universe was created spontaneously out of nothing and before time, logically that means that the creator is lawless because it exists beyond time and the universe and its laws, so it by definition is a free agent.

      By your explanation, no human can ever be credited with anything, because the Big Bang explained it lol. There can and are multiple ways of describing events and outcomes. If I ask you why your computer is on, you can say "atoms were in motion", but you can also say "because I turned it on", you understand?

      Well it also isn't nice of you to say there's no evidence for the existence of God when theists give you evidence and are willing to talk about it with you. I actually junk it's pretty ignorant of you.

    • Okay, look. You didn't give me evidence. You gave me an opinion. I reject your opinion. So far you've called me ignorant for doing so, and you've made a comparison of atheists to rapists and why they shouldn't be trusted in the same way. You're being a bit rude now, and I gave you one more comment to knock it off. It's clear you can't do that, so you and I are done on this site.

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  • Hi Kobe,

    In answer to your question, there already are many groups of religious zealots who protest against the theory of evolution, and claim there's no evidence for it. They routinely deny any evidence presented and say that it doesn't prove anything. They do make YouTube videos and write books and talk about how evolution is a delusion and believers in evolution are confused or incapable, and when you ask them to tell you why they doubt evolution, they say things like you have to prove it to them, and that you can't because God said so. They also make up alternate versions of evolution, often making so many ridiculous stories that no one has the time to rebut each one.

    How do you deal with such people? You just have to understand that they cannot question their religious beliefs because they are afraid. They have a tremendous fear of death and cannot face the fact that when we die, we die. They make up silly stories that literally wouldn't fool an five year old child (that wasn't already brainwashed). They are not able to realize that their arguments (such as they are) contain logical errors, and when they do glimpse the errors, they immediately close their eyes out of fear, and call it "faith." Since you can't help them control their fear and you can't make them smarter, there's nothing you can do for them except allow them to live their silly little lies.

    Do I see any parallel between them and the rest of us? No. Except we are all human. We have to accept that they are ruled by their fears, and who can help that?
    You can never win an argument against fear - don't even try. Remember, there are none so blind as those who will not see (John Heywood, 1546).

    • Do you think atheists may be afraid of something?

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    • Well trust me, a belief in the existence of God isn't based on fear, or faith...

    • Belief not based on fear? Re read your books, wigh the millions of killings they attributes to your god. If that isn't fear mongering, WTF is it?

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  • Hmm, I'd just say "Let's agree to disagree." and about the parallel, no I can't see it if they're using bigotry to convince someone something. However, if it's a fair debate then they're simply expressing what they feel it's right and trying to defend their party. In that case, I can see the parallel.


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  • Who knows.

    Evolution makes more sense to me
    than some grand deity.

    And this is coming from someone who
    believes in minor spirits of the elements of life.

    Evolution, to me, has been proven many times
    whether it be bones, or rational explanations.

    Now, I'm no atheist, but the funniest hate argument
    that I hear religious people use, is the
    "atheists believes we came from nothing"

    Pretty sure most atheists believe in science
    which follows the theory of "big bang"

    Which coincidentally sat evolution in motion.

    The problem with trying to turn it around and saying atheists
    have the "burden of proof" is, that they've already pretty
    much proven evolution many times over.

    We even know, by now how the
    big bang supposedly happened.

    But then again, I'm no atheist
    I believe in spirits and other nonsense
    that only a madman could believe. ^.~

    • Well, they've only proven it to themselves haha.

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    • I'll give you a challenge @Jacquevol, can you find the number of scientific discoveries or contributions have been made by atheists, and then compare them to the number of that of theists? That should be disillusioning. Or better yet, just show how science contradicts God in any way.

      Right, anyone who questions your thinking is a hater. It's not like atheists are doing any better than us LOL, or that they're not more vicious. I'm just confused as to how such unintelligible people can be so confused about their place in our society really.

  • Why do you write it is it hypothetical? These groups DO exist.
    Complete churches full of them. BILLIONS of zealots. They once used to burn people contradicting them. (They'd still do it if they could!)
    SO WHAT?
    When they cross my path, I'll contradict them. Other than that, they can use their First Amendment right.
    Why would I even think about them?
    Would you worry about the Flat Earth Society? About Satanists?

    • You want people to believe in your gods? Then prove their existence.
      Once you have disproven the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and of the In visible Pink Unicorn. I 'll see if I can believe religious B. S.
      Dear World,
      Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around... and PLEASE don't try to shove it down my or my child's throat.
      Do not start writing laws with it.
      Do not think with it.
      Sincerely, tired of hearing your religious guff

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    • Always enjoying your opinions jacquesvol. ^.^

      I'm not sure if you read our entire conversation between
      the QA and I.

      Yeah, I believe in spirits, can I prove them? No.
      But I also don't mind whether other people believes
      what I believe. It's up to them. ^.^

    • It's not that hard to prove the improbability of spaghetti orbiting the earth, and neither for pink unicorns.

      There are no wheat fields in outer space where spaghetti can come from, and unicorns, let alone pink unicorns are animals that have never been observed, and I'm sure they would conflict with evolutionary history in your opinion right? These things I think are intuitive, but I guess atheists are confused generally about reality.

      Your turn. Can you show why the existence of God is improbable other than using personal attacks and simple denial...

  • The theory of evolution isn't correct at all from THE SCIENCE prospective

    • So after all the fossils in the world found, it just means nothing? :/

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    • @Intraluminal

      You're misrepresenting what theists believe, so it is by definition a straw man argument.

    • @intraluminal WE MUSLIM Saint belive that jesus is god he is a prophet god has nothing like him he has no wife he has no son he has no companion

  • I don't care if they accept evolution, I care if they interfere with the education system. (Or other peoples lives in general.)

  • Me: this USB flash drive which contains a simple program that came out of nowhere.
    Atheist: stop being stupid, no program can come out of nowhere, someone has made it.
    Me: our DNA contains a complicated program which makes our bodies function, do you think..
    Atheist interrupts: There is no God, our DNA came from nothingness, don't be stupid.
    I am a Muslim and i think atheists are running out of arguments.

    • I'm sorry, but what evolutionary theorist have you spoken to that explained this to you? I bet you've never spoken to one have you? If youu had, you'd know why your argument is wrong. by the way, there are many religions, some of which have VERY different gods than yours. What makes yours right and their's wrong?

    • @Instraluminal

      I don't think you've spoken to an evolutionist either. Evolution describes an evolution of life, not its origin, you still have to explain the DNA of the "first life form" that kicked everything off, as well as why life grows and is in motion to being with.