Girls, What is considered a date?

Hanged out with a girl for a few hours getting to know each other and going to food places? What is considered a date?


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  • It's a date but not a date. It's one of those tricks most guys try to pull on girls.

    Guy: Hey wanna hangout?
    Girl: Sure. What are we doing?
    Guy: Movie
    Girl: Okay.
    *fast forward after movies*
    Guy: Wanna get something to eat?
    Girl: Sure.
    *fast forward after meal, chat a bit, and start putting a conclusion to the night*
    Guy: *leans in or ask for a kiss*
    Girl: What are you doing?
    Guy: Just a kiss.
    Girl: Dude, you said we were hanging out. Friends don't kiss after hanging out. If you wanted a date then you should've asked.


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  • I only consider it a date if it has been outright established that it's a date by the people involved. Until then, I don't care how much it seems like a date, I don't count it. What you described sounds like a date kind of thing to do (though I've done that with just-friends, as well), but... yeah. Not a date until it's been established.

  • thats a date.