How can I make up for a detoriating GPA?

It used to be quite good, high 70s.

Now, it's low-mid 70s.

How do I prepare myself for interviews, in fact will I even get any?


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  • high 70's isn't good, good is 90%

    its not rocket science, now you must get significantly higher grades to raise your GPA to something respectable like an 85%

    • My major is known to be a 'hard' major; there is no 90% in University where I study, the grade ranges are B-=low 70s, B=mid 70s, B+=High 70s, A-=low 80s, A=mid 80s, and A+=90+

      In Canada, grade inflation is so low that a B+ is considered a really good average

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    • damn, well try your best these next few semesters, its the only thing you can do good luck

    • Okay. Thank you.

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  • just hope for the best! there is nothing that you can do now.

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