Hey, I've been struggling with my personality for 3 years, wanting to change it, so please help?

i dont want to copy someone, nor to be like someone else, i want to change for myself, to be soft, gentle, loyal, perspective, true friend and to not judge people, i want everyone to know how selfless I am, i would'nt hurt a bug, i do not want to change for people, i want to change for myself, i will feel a lot happier if i did, but everytime i try to change i just get to find myself the old me... PLEASE HELP


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  • This is because you are trying to change yourself. You should let God change you instead of you trying to change yourself. If you want God to change you - you need to build up good karma for yourself. This involves doing good deeds and doing them ANONYMOUSLY!!! If you do this - God will change you incrementally over the years until you become the person that He wants you to be. The bible says that permanent change is slow change but when you are in your developing years - you can grow significantly faster than somebody who is older and already set in their ways.


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  • you can't change it, its who you are.

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