Do I sound like a good kid?

I'm 17 and I work 4-5 days a week as a barista. I'm taking an online college class this fall and than I'm going to Houston in six monthes to live with my mom and to finish my degree there.
I smoke weed but I also like to stay very focused, I go to bed early, try to eat as healthy as possible, I read books, journal, watch movies, shop, etc. 🙈🙊🙉
i finished high school a year earlier and I'm on my way to becoming a computer engineer!
I've lived in three states and I like music concerts libraries etc.


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  • You sound like a good girl , just be careful that the weed
    doesn't become something that could lead to illegal drug addiction
    I'm not saying not to smoke weed but my cousin started smoking weed
    and now she's age 57 and can't even cook for herself basically she
    did so many drugs she suffers from brain damage, I'm not saying this
    will happen to you I'm just saying what happened to my cousin


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  • the weed is a deal breaker

    • I'm probably going to stop soon it kinda just makes you not care when everything's going wrong and you get really hungry

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  • Yes you do sound like a rare kid definitly

  • yeap just drop the weed... get into sports on something like that...


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