Feeling like you can't have anything?

Things can be way worse. I get it. But no matter how things "could be" worse, everytime i try to remain positive, i just can't.

I just wrecked my car that I've only had for 5 months. Luckily, my dad got some inheritance and i won't need a car until September. But, it still sucks. I dont really have any money. I just started to get that car looking nice and i was only 40 minutes away from home and i wrecked it.

Other things i feel i "cant have"

- My relationship with my girlfriend is Long Distance and things are complicated since i am in the military
- My dad rarely contacts me even though he lives maybe 15-20 minutes from my mom.
- I dont feel close to any family at all
- A car since i just wrecked it
- A job that i enjoy because i fucking despise what i do now

It just seems i break something or shit happens and i can't get a break where i feel i can be somehwat happy for a while before i feel shit because of whatever. I really dont know what to expect but i feel i needed to vent.


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  • just give it time, things will get better.


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  • Yeah well life sucks. You just gotta find the bit that sucks less than the general suckness and treat it as a good thing.
    I mean... everything is money.
    Sitting in a room that you rented. Every second is money.
    Turning on a lamp. Money.
    Eating. Money.
    Drinking. Money.
    Showering. Money.
    Going to school. Money.
    Books. Money.
    Replacing ragged clothes. Money.
    Gas. Money.
    Retirement. Money.
    Going out to relax. Money.
    Money money money money.

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

    Feeling like you can't have anything?
    I want the feeling of carefreeness back. I want this feeling of everything being tied to money to go away.


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  • As long as your outlook is "when X happens, THEN I'll be happy" then you will NEVER be happy.
    You gotta find a way to find small happiness in small things. Those big landmark events will provide satisfaction, sure, but their victories are hollow and won't provide you with that illusive happiness.