Do you find it ironic how many white people constantly complain about political correctness when the most PC people are white people themselves?

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  • Many white people try to uphold PC-ness as a way of being tolerant/liberal/what-have-you. However, it's a cognitive contradiction for them to be politically correct because it forces them to see that some things should not be said because they strengthen discriminatory systems like racism.

    Therefore, complaining about PC-ness, mostly by claiming that they "don't even see race so why is PC necesssary?," allows them to stay within their little white-privilege bubble, (a) without recognizing the existence of the bubble ("PCness is ridiculous, I don't even see race!") and (b) strengthening their own idea that they are tolerant ("those people are racist if they see race and act all PC!").

    Scarily, they actually may believe what they say because they live outside discriminatory systems.

    I think. I'm kind of tired.


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  • I think that would be funny if the people who complained about being PC were actually PC, but nope, and people still aren't a frickin' hivemind.


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  • Because those White people are pussies and are afraid of hurting anyone's feelings.

    Non PC White Guy

  • I suppose it would be ironic to a racist.

  • Because minorities are naturally violent, so yeah we're afraid of insulting you.

    • Naturally violent? Since when is there scientific proof that violence is in minorities biological DNA? I'm not offended at all of what you said about us and believe but please. At least back up your claims before you make yourself sound foolish. Sure, it's statistically proven that minorities on a per capita basis, have committed more violent crimes than whites on average but it obviously has nothing to do with having "natural violence in their DNA" and more to due with high poverty, lack of education and just overall, horrible environment.

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    • Except you said it's in "in their natural, biological DNA", you never mentioned anything about statistics along with it's many valid factors behind it, in your answers.

    • I never said DNA or biological. Read my answer and it just says they are "naturally violent". Which is exactly what statistics are about. The natural environment of minorities makes them naturally violent.

      You're the one who made up the part of biology and DNA. I never said anything close to that.

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