How do you improve you attention span?

My attention span is hidiously short, I seriously can't focus for more then like 2 seconds bofore getting distracted. What are some things I should and shouldn't do to improve it?

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  • I certainly cannot speak to your specific situation, but on a general level the best way in which to improve ones ability to focus is perhaps to remove those things which offer a source of distraction. Any time that something distracts you from what you are currently doing, it can be difficult to go back. You lose your train of thought, you may miss crucial information in a lecture of speech, or your place in a book. You only have so much short term memory and when your distracted it could cause you to forget whatever you just learned

    Try to avoid either using or carrying a phone around with you. Phones offer a constant source of distractions. Having the option always there to send and receive text messages and look at websites is a temptation that causes perhaps the majority of people to be distracted from what they're currently doing.

    When on the computer, disable messaging apps and don't browse websites if you want to focus. There are programs (or browser addons) you can use which will prevent you from disabling them and prevent you from looking around online when you are supposed to be focusing.

    Try not to keep anything around that will distract you. I know for myself, I will often play with little objects that are sitting around my desk. Removing anything that consumes time in an inefficient manner. Also avoid working/studying/sitting with friends when you want to focus unless they themselves are very focused. Additionally try to do your work in austere settings without other people around.

    More or less try to put yourself into a situation where there is nothing else to focus on and the only thing you can really do is what you are supposed to be doing.

    Another trick some people use is to give themselves and timer to force themselves to focus for at least 5-30 minutes or some such. It might sound short, but often once people actually start focusing, they may find they want to keep going even after the time has elapsed.

    Beyond that, it might be said that willpower is like a muscle. If you don't use it, it will be weak. Now this is just a theory, but you could try mental exercises, meditation, or possibly riddles or abstract strategy games (such as chess or go), or any activity which prioritizes calmness and focus upon the task at hand and hopefully with practice it will become easier.

    • Thanks, this is probably the most helpful so far

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  • Well, see a doctor for one if you are that concerned about it. Personally I wish I had a 2 second... ahh crap, I forgot to turn off the kitchen light.

  • That's cute you must be fun to be with but I think you can go to the doctor to get a prescription like the other guy said

    • Haha, thanks, I already have a prescription for Ritalin though so, yeah, ...

  • Don't do adhd meds in less u have to I was forced to do them fucked me up with depression

    • I have ADD and I'm already on them but it's still really bad though

    • We are not gods we are not meant to be perfect I stop adhd meds in 10 grade I still feel like I don't care about happens I took it since k grade

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