How to know that he/she is your true love?


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  • Well before you can truly love another you cannot harbor insecurities
    I feel as though internal conflict within oneself will prevent true love from ever manifesting

    So once you become a developed human being the chances of you finding true love is greater

    You will know when you find the right person when you... I haven't figured it out it yet...


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  • You truly know someone is a "true love" when the infatuation period ends.
    That's usually after 6 months or so after dating.

    In the beginning you are head over heels with someone.
    You feel butterflies in your stomach.
    You have a extreme-liking towards that person.

    Fast forward several months later, those intense feelings have died down.
    You still have strong feelings for that person... but it doesn't feel the same as in the beginning.
    Because love has many different phases.
    You have to work harder to re-create that same spark in had in the beginning.

    When you feel you would do anything for this person.
    You love them!
    When you feel you cannot live your life without this person,
    You love them!
    When you can tell this person your deepest secrets and insecurities,
    without fear of judgment you love that person.
    When you can be yourself,
    You love that person.
    When you can put up with this person's bad habits,
    You love that person (because you are taking all of them).

    If that person feels the same way about you in return, then that person is your "true" love.

    This person would not intentionally hurt or betray you.
    You both will grow together in many ways.

    A lot of people feel that "love" someone but it isn't "true love" until it passes the infatuation stage and is put to the test.
    When your love holds out for many years then, it is true.


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