Where does one go when they don't want to burden other people with their problems/questions?

Sometimes I just listen to music and think to myself. To music that has no lyrics but still gives you a reason to reflect on life. If I asked "What is the point? Why am I even here?" most people would consider that a personal question that only I can figure out for myself. I would likely get an answer like "Get over it" or "Everyone has problems in their life" (meaning that somehow someone elses problem is more significant or equal to mine). No matter how much I try to be positive something just has to get in the way... Normally it is my thoughts. So what do you think? Are most introverts plagued with a negative prespective on life because they (including me) are so 'down to earth' and see things from a distance? Is there anyone I will ever be able to rely on for advice or help? (I mean someone who is not doing a job,(mainly because they get desensitized) but truly cares? I have been told before that that is what friends are for (easy to say for someone who actually has friends right?). *Sigh* life sucks ):

  • Stop being such a negative Nancy.
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  • Get over it.
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  • All will be well soon enough.
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  • No comment... Or opinion.
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  • I never heard someone think that way before.
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  • you could vent on a site like experience project, or get more online friends if you're an introvert. worst case scenario, you can stop speaking to them really easily. and no one will know your real identity, so you can post really personal things.


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  • On the other hand when you DO want to burden other people with those things you come to GaG...


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  • Your right you DO have a purpose in life. Your purpose is to help all the needy people in this world that you are capable of helping. I donate about $100 - $600 a month to humanitarian projects in Africa.


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