What's up with these idiots in Ferguson?

Apparently some black kid got shot by a police officer after the kid had pulled a gun out...

When are they going to get over themselves... stupid people!!!



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  • These thugs in Ferguson keep attacking and shooting police, rioting and looting, and then they wonder why they're stereotyped, but look at what they're doing, acting like animals. and all the naive people supporting them. The "Black Lives Matter" movement is a joke.

    • I wouldn't say a 'joke' per se... but it's fast moving into this anarchic thug movement dressed in 'civil rights'

      A lot of us are afraid to call it a 'joke' because of PC (Political Correctness), but the truth will out.

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  • There's always a few people who just fuck up the wholr thing. The vigil was going perfect, it was peaceful, until an idiot decided to shoot.
    Someone has to tell him that you can't expect change if you act like that.

    • Was it 'peaceful'.

      I mean it's one thing to parade through the street standing up for your rights, but to chat anti-police slurs, throw projectiles at them and then rob innocent shopis is moronic!

      How blind of a bat are you?

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    • Ok, kiddo ;)

    • Huevon culiado.

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  • you're LATE AS FUUUUCK.

    • Better late than never tool!

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    • I do know what it means, but we don't use that expression in Spain, we would say "el coño tu madre", sounds better too hahah

      Bards, at least you're learning some Spanish slang hahahah

    • I know Chilean Spanish... I use that now maraca...

  • there has been a lot of chaos there lately.

    • When will they simmer down?

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  • The cops say he pulled a gun.
    The cops say it. Now he's in hospital.
    Armed vigilantes ("Oath keepers") were in the streets and on the roofs.

  • I highly doubt that the man actually had a gun and highly suspect the police to have planted it afterwards as they do in so many cases.

    • In the very first report I heard, a reporter spoke about a cop shot by accident by another cop and about a stolen police gun. I didn't t hear more about that later. Of course, it was hearsay.

  • Don't shit stir bloke, it smells weird.

  • I hope they arrest all those fools.

    • I hope so too, but it's pointless, they'll use that as another excuse to roam the streets.

  • Black and ignorant. Simple.

  • Gee... I wondered how long it would be before the first race baiting question was asked today! The wait is over!!!

    • How's this race baiting... they're all idiots!!!

    • Thanks for oversimplifying...

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