I keep forgetting things what should I do?

I forget a lot of things time , date sometimes I buy things and I forget them at the store good thing I got my cousin this thing really bothers me and I am worried any advice or solution? Thanks 😃


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  • Start writing things down so you do forget them.
    Invest in a calendar so you can keep track.

    in your phone set reminders , that alert you if you have an important thing to do that day.


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  • if you think its something medical youshould see a doctor. if its just carelessness, just practice paying attention to things, write them down, focus hard on what ur doing and about to do.

    • I think it's medical actually 😕

    • then definitely go to the doctor. they might be able to give you something. or if something is wrong with ur brain, the sooner u go get it checked the better.
      i had someone very very close to me with stuff like that going on and it was too late by the time we all realized it was medical. PLEASE go early.

    • Okie thanks 😊

  • I forgot my sisters name


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