Do underage girls feel guilty for being sexually attracted to overage guys?

As a guy were told to feel guilty but it's hard to feel guilty when I see the way these I underage girls look at me. I find underage girls are far more attracted to grown men then boys, a lot of them have zero attraction to boys there age.


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  • Why should you feel guilty? Your not exploiting a minor.


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  • I know what you mean! I'm 32 and I get a lot of looks from girls between 15-19. I try to ignore them and just consider it one of those "adolescent crushes" and move on and try to date women around 24 or older. It's flattering I guess but no way is some girl in her mid or late teens going to be mature enough to handle a 32yo man.

    • I swear some of them are trying to get a guy in trouble!

    • Haha, it sure seems that way sometimes.

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  • This is how I feel, "Why couldn't be be just a few years younger?"

    I don't become obsessed with the, so it's OK. I am fine as long as I don't act on it.

  • I know I wasn't guilty for it at all not sure about other girls though

    • You mean u didn't feel guilty?

  • No, they don't. Actually I always found it yucky to be with a guy that is younger or the same age.

    • They don't care that their 13 attracted to a 24 year old?

    • It happens quite often that girls have crushes on teachers and the like. But it's mostly harmless, because they're only admiring from afar and no actual relationship forms

    • FML, so this will never stop

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