Been talking to a guy for 3 weeks and I had to stop?

Ok so I met a guy when I was out. We swooped numbers and was talking for the week. We met up that weekend and had some fun. The week after he went a bit quiet. Like me texting him all the time and he just replying. It made me feel like he wasn't interested so I stopped texting. By Thursday he text asking what I was up to so I said going out. He asked questions like where you going. What you doing after food. What time you back etc. Then he text saying I know what your doing. I wasn't doing anything other then going out for food. Anyway he asked if I was into him still and I said that I liked him.
Anyway come the weekend I heard nothing from him. So on Sunday I said that I will be deleting his number. He asked why so I told him that he blows hot and cold. I really couldn't put it in words coz I felt like a sound like a weirdo liking him after so little time. He seemed gutted that I said I was going to delete his but I couldn't see a way out. But Now I feel like iv done the wrong thing?
There is an age gap he's 22 I'm 28 with kids.


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  • I guess you don't want to be a cougar. He sounded a little off to me anyway

    • I think that's what it might be. I do feel too old for him even though he's mature. But there was jealously there with the questions and that's a big no no for me

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