Mention your favourite middle eastern gag?


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  • Squat toilets in middle east made me gag.

    • you are pathethic and frail human being who feel the need to spread his hate among others because of his sorry life , you hate what you have no ability to understand and no hope of ever trying.

      Because you were not taught to love and you know no empathy. And sometimes it's because you are having a hard time and you take your anger out on innocent ones.

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    • why are you waisting your time by commenting hateful words?
      if you dont like nation / race or relgion so stay silent better
      dont spread hate here because all people are equal
      stop being racist
      you are not son of god and we are your slaves
      shame on you !!!

    • wtf are you talking about, I don't hate any race or religion. I just think it's funny to laugh at all our differences, there's nothing wrong with deriving humor out of them, especially since it's just toilet humor! You need to take a Valium or something.

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