Should you be complimented when haters hate on you?

I remember when I was a nobody I would walk into a room and no one would even notice me. Started lifting and built a lot of confidence and applied that confidence to a lot of different aspects to my life. Developed my own style and became more charastmatic. I notice I hear a lot of more people talking sh! t on me whether it be people that I thought were my friends or just walking into a room and hearing people whispering things and looking at me.

My ex's friends didn't like me.. for some reason when I barely even met them. They automatically assume I'm arrogant and full of myself. They assume I take steroids have a double digit IQ and spend all hours of day at the gym. Girls will sometimes laugh at me or make fun of me at first with a banter sort of vibe but I've hooked up with plenty of those ones.

I don't know I just feel like three years ago nobody knew my name or cared to even mention me in a conversation and now it seems like people either really like me or really hate me. Anyone else deal with this when you had any other sort of transformation or sucess in your life? Not just lifting but life in general. Maybe success in a new career.. academics.. new status or prestigue?

I just sort of take it complentary at this point because I can see through it. The fact that I have the ability affect somebodies phyc and to make someone stop and think about me even for a quick second. Then have the energy use their words to openly discriminate against me means that I touched a nerve. I made them stop and think. I feel like if I was a nothing then people wouldn't do that.


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  • You got that swagger. Nice. I always say, if everyone loves you, you're doing something wrong. Take every bit of hate towards you as a form of jealousy. Let it feed your resolve.