Don't know what to do anymore?

I can't enjoy my life I've always been single it's pathetic and depressing I'm unemployed been searching for jobs obviously I haven't found one I've tried to enroll in college. Not trying to throw a pity party or get sympathy but my life is pathetic I just wish I can speed my life up and be done with it because I have nothing to live for


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  • Single, Unemployed, Currently Not Enrolled In College...

    Been there before. Im sure tons of people have been there before as well. I totally understand it can get frustrating but do not give up. Ever. Do u have a good support system? Close friends/family? Talk to them about it. Let them encourage u.

    Also you're 23. You are so young. Still in your prime. Your life is far from being over. While you work on finding a job & enrolling in college, why dont u indulge in ur fav hobbies? Enjoy ur life as it is right NOW.
    Always make the best of it. It could be way
    worst. Job hunting can be long & annoying but just keep asking around. And check on your application at least once a month. As for love, it takes time to develop but u can start by meeting girls when u go out & asking them out.
    All the best!


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  • Porn dude, and hookers. See you got the "single" portion taken care of.
    Enroll into college and make sure you choose a good "not easy" major to do.
    Then get to work son. and eventually become a workaholic.
    Now that's a mans dream, imagine the bitching computer you'll have. Thing will have like 2 gtx 980s and a i7 core.
    Oh and that damn oculous rift is coming out so you can just be in a virtual world when you get home.
    life is good dude.


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  • your princess will come sooner or later :) don't worry
    don't find love , let love find you
    and I think sometimes being single is better than dating a bitch
    you seems nice guy. yes life sometimes is cruel but don't worry nothing lasts forever
    every thing will be ok just wait :)
    have faith and pray ( if you believe in god )
    sometimes life is a bit cruel with kind people but believe me nothing lasts forever
    everything will be fine. just don't be upset
    start new page in life , start from zero
    just be careful and I'm sure one day you will be so happy :) good luck dude
    greeting from Egypt <3


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