Guys, More proud to be associated/seen with which girl?

If a guy pretends he cheated on his girlfriend of 6 months with another girl that he and his friends all know, as in, He lies (to his friends) about hooking up with this other girl he knows but he never did anything with that girl... He just claims he did.

Is he more proud to be associated/seen with the girl he pretended "he had sex with" or more proud to be seen with his gf?

(btw I'm not his girlfriend or the other girl so you can be honest. Whatever you say won't hurt my feelings)

  • He's more proud to be seen with the girl he pretended he hooked up with
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  • He's more proud to be seen with his girlfriend
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  • He probably prefers to be seen in public with his girlfriend but feels more bragging rights for hooking up with the other girl (if she's hot).

    • Why?

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    • I'm a girl so I don't know if she's hot. I think she has a boyfriend but I'm not sure. I saw her Snap chatting this hot guy. I've never seen him before but it seemed like he was her boyfriend.

    • Well the only reasons I can think of for why a guy would lie about hooking up with a girl are

      1. She's hot and he wants to look coll in front of his friends by having them think that he slept with her


      2. The girl had turned him down and he wants to get back at her by hurting her reputation

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  • Too much complicated bullshit here.

    You need to hang around less toxic people.

  • He shouldn't pretend to do something which will obviously hurt his girlfriend