How do I sneak a boy into my house and not get caught when I have suspicious neighbors that keep a close eye on me?

So I have been dating a guy that is 19 and my parents don't know. He is coming over tomorrow when my parents aren't home but my neighbors are always watching the house. What do I do? I really want to see him!


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  • You shouldn't be the one taking the risk. He should. Bad idea if you have nosy neighbors.

    • My parents took away my keys so I can't drive there other wise i would

  • You could let him in the back door :)

    • Okay, I would go to his house but my parents grounded me for some stupid crap. So then what do I do?

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    • What? After you let him in?

      How old are you btw?

    • I am 16. And I meant to post that first comment on a different response

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