Fifth time I've had the same dream in 2 months?

OK, so I've just woken up from having this dream I've had multiple times these two last months...

Each time is slightly different from the last, but the characters within the dream are all the same.

I can remember by 2 best friends, a friend I used to know 4-5 years back who I haven't spoken to, a couple Asian guys I don't know... and then this girl...

I've heard that every person you come across in a dream is someone you've met in real life.

This girl is round about 5''7, short-ish, wavy, dirty blond/blond hair and her name is Attille or Atille... I've never met someone called that before. She's got brown eyes and she's white (just have to add that).

Every time I meet her in the dreams, I always meet her at the same place. I know exactly where the place is... it's about 15 minutes from my house.

Kind of cringey, but every single time I see her we hold hands and move towards where I live. I get her number and she disappears...

Weird huh?


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  • NEVER heard that - everyone in a dream is someone met prior
    Certainly not true for me & others that have shared.

    I consider this a future event, so I would keep my eye peeled, frequent that place often, write down all details in a diary upon waking. After a time, I might even go see a professional... but not sure what type... licensed psychiatrist or dream interpreter.


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