Why is my computer locking up on me?

I had Windows 8.1 and no issues. Ever since an update in late June, my computer allows me to log in but as soon as I go to type anywhere, it puts one letter and then stops. I rolled back and reupdated 3 different times to no avail so I decided to just disable updates until Windows 10 comes out (hoping it would override whatever caused the problem). For the next 2 months, my keyboard worked fine again (because I rolled back before the problem update) and once Windows 10 was released, I updated once more. I have a completely updated computer with Windows 10 and bam, problem is back. I can log in and everything but I can't type afterwards. I tried connecting an external keyboard and it works fine except for certain wesites like GirlsAskGuys -_-. As soon as I click in a box to start typing, it locks up on me and the only viable way to ask/answer questions is by opening up a word document, typing what I want, and then copy pasting it into the box once I'm done (which still takes around 10 seconds) and if I don't quickly click the send button, I face a chance of the whole browser freezing or crashing. I also get the problem on hotmail. com. Another problem I'm noticing is when I open Photoshop or Gimp, my computer can't keep up with my cursor so it's pretty much impossible to draw in it. I didn't get any of these issues before that June update. I know it's not a virus and I know it's not a hardware issue because like I said, when I rolled back my updates to the time before June, everything worked fine 100%. My computer specs are all fine as well.
1TB of HDD and 120GB of SSD
16GB of memory
Dual Radeon 8970M video cards
2.9Ghz i7 core processor


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  • You say it's not a virus or hardware. But I would not rule those out. It's possible that the update in June had nothing to do with it. It very likely did, but try not to get too fixated on that because it can lead you astray. Try not to eliminate anything entirely until it's fixed.

    When you rolled back and it worked, you might have rolled back anything else that caused this. So that doesn't tell you much except the time frame.

    Check for auto updates for other programs and turn them off.

    Use multiple AV scans and do full scans set to the highest (and slowest) setting. The more different ones you use, the better.

    Try a third keyboard. If you have multiple ports to plug into, try them all.

    Maybe update your bios.

    Create a log file on boot. (not sure how to do it with newer Windows so look it up)

    Try starting in safe mode. Try with and without network support.

    Do you get any boot errors? If you are comfortable messing with the bios, make sure all error reporting is turned on. If you are not comfortable with it, don't mess with it.

    Check the manufacturer and Microsoft web sites. Maybe post the question there. This might be a common symptom.

    Instead of a rollback, try reinstalling the OS. Install over top of your current OS. If that doesn't work, consider a full backup, a full wipe and full reinstall. Don't do it if you are not comfortable with it.

    Check your power. About all you can easily do is plug into different outlets.

    Is anything getting hot? Any smells? Different noises? Louder? Quieter. Use all your senses. An electronic tech depends heavily on their eyes, ears and nose.

    Much of this seems to be related to communication. Try swapping your modem if it's external. Check settings in your browser.

    Most of all, keep trying. Computers are notorious for suddenly stopping working, for no apparent reason. Then suddenly start working again with no clue what changed.

    I'd also back up anything you don't want to lose ASAP


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  • Backup data and re-image computer. Then upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Because I am instructing it to do so , so that I can spy on you