Christians, what songs can I offer non-believers?

Me and my friend from school were chatting and it went to the topic of what kinds of songs I play at church. Now I want to offer him to listen to some, which one should it be? <3


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  • I'm a christian and i have been in your position in the past twice. Non-believers - most of them consider christian songs are boring, but are actually NOT! give him a fast beat, cool groovy songs.. Rock? Sure!!

    Trust me.. my non believer friends have became fans of the christian bands and singers after listening to the songs i sent to them. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! :) can I ask a bit more specifically which song you've sent them?

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    • It truly is <3 I just don't want to offer them something that will actually throw them off:) thank u again so much! :)

    • Exactly! that's the thing you want to give them that "WOAH! this is awesome" moment as soon as they listen and trust me.. they're gonna search for more songs from the singers you gave them.

      Glad i helped :)

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