A friend of mine killed herself? she actually did it?

A good friend of mine who lived on my road well she was older of course but only like in her late 40's. She committed suicide on Saturday, my mom told me when i got home from yesterday. She was a manic depressant an she went to this help centre, she hanged herself on Saturday.. help please.


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  • It's a sad thing, when people choose to take their own lives. It can be assumed that the stress and pain which they felt was greater than their coping mechanisms would allow them deal with. It's likely they didn't want others to share their pain, whether due to feelings of shame, or a belief that no one would care, or a desire not to burden others with what they felt.

    But when a person takes their life, it leaves those left behind to deal with their passing. To worry about whether they should have seen the signs, if should have said something or done something, if they could have prevented this tragedy from occurring. The truth is perhaps that such can never be known. People often suffer in silence, and then, like a candle blown out by the wind, they are gone. One can only hope that whatever pain their choice might have left you with, it will make you better, not bitter.

    There are a number of ted talks which engage with the subject of suicide, I've provided a couple of links. I don't know if they will help you, but hopefully they can provide some type of comfort or understanding

    link 1: www.ted.com/.../kevin_briggs_the_bridge_between_suicide_and_life

    link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1QoyTmeAYw

    Beyond that, without knowing more about what you are feeling I'm not sure what else I can say. But if you find yourself wanting to talk and you have no one you feel you can discuss it with, then I am always willing to listen if you want to send a message. I am sorry for your loss.

    • Everything you said was right. You helped a lot, thank you. There wasn't anything i could of done you're right, but i wish i'd of know to go and see how she is. I'll miss her though. I just can't stop thinking about those things. It's horrible to think the only way out of depression is taking their life. Thank you really you have no idea how much i appreciate your help.

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  • The best advice I can give to you is that you give a call to your health insurance and find out what professional grief counselors are available. Let yourself cry and mourn but the best way to deal with this is to be helped by a professional.

    • I just never thought i'd end up knowing someone doing this. If anything else could be worse, my grandma just said my grandad MAY, not certain, but may be at risk from bowel cancer from family backgrounds. Can things get any worse?

    • Things can always get worse :/ I'm sorry girl. Seek a professional's help.

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  • Well the first and only thing of importance here is that it has no bearing on you.

  • That is dark. but she saw it as the only way out, at least she isn't upset anymore and I guess you she won't be in pain.

    • Yeah it is. All i can stop thinking about is how she used to wave when i went past walking to the shop, how we used to have 3 hour long conversations when i went outside to say hello. Most of all, the pain her parents must be in right now. Everytime i go past her little bungalow all i think is the pain she was in and i didn't even notice.

    • I don't think I can help that much. *hugs* I can see it being tragic :/ and I hope you can feel better. maybe talking to your friends would help.

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