Apple surviving of left over blue prints of Steve Jobs and smartphone market innovation stagnation. TRUE OR FALSE?

Apple lost Steve jobs once before and their company quickly began losing market share. They went into financial troubles and realised that they needed to rehire Steve jobs back to save them.

Steve Jobs is no longer there as a safety net but apple has established itself as a premium brand.

They made their smartphone better due to necessity of being left behind by their competitors whom all went for larger screens. I feel like apple is only doing OK now without Steve jobs.

No major innovation of any kind has taken place in the industry so for now they're safe however they now trail behind Samsung


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  • True. Apple faces the same problem they faced years ago when they fired Steve Jobs. They lack his innovation, creativity and intelligence. Just you watch they will become just like call of duty. Every one will love them for the great new thing they made and even more for its newer version... But then they will begin to realize... they are buying the same shit with a different look and negligible upgrades. And they will look to their side and see true improvement that is not from apple. Just you watch within 5 years apple will be struggling trying to keep up with its competitors by making copies of their inventions and adding iPhone to it

    • I think it depends on whether there will be revolutionary changes in the smartphone market. I think they'll maintain themselves until a change happens.

      They have a lot if money to spend on r and d which they no doubt have spent already but only came to fruition through minor upgrades like finger print reader etc

    • Technology doesn't walk it leaps and bounds my friend