Northern folk, how dy'all kill your whistle pigs?

Have whistle pigs creeping on my land again, had to shoot the bugger. They're tough sons of bitches, but it got me thinking: how dy'all kill your whistle pigs when you live up north? The way I reckon, you can't use a powder burner up there, so dy'all use pellet rifles? What about trapping?


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  • My dog kills whistle pigs.

    • Ah, sick your dog on them? Suppose for some breeds that's a right solution. Do lots of folk do that? I prefer shooting myself, so my dog doesn't risk getting bit.

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    • Haha, tough son of a bitch, is he? Have to love a dog like that, though you sure as hell have to get him rabies tested more.

    • Nah bro I have to get rabies tested for my dog.

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