What was that? Please can you tell? What was that? Who was that? Who might be that?

In night I was lying but I was not lying in prone position and when I tried lying in prone position, someone was sitting their, my feet touched his/her thigh and his/her thigh got pressed by my feet then I sat and turned on all the lights and searched everywhere in the room but no one was there nothing was there. It was no one except me in the room and door was closed from inside. What was that? Please tell.


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  • Possible hallucination, or, someone might have pranked you and hid as you woke up. Or, it is possible that it could have been a supernatural occasion.

    • I was alone in my house and my door of my room was properly locked and it was no place to hide in my room. It's impossible that someone might have pranked. And I don't think it was hallucination. It was a real experience. Just like anyone was sitting there. What's supernatural occasion?

    • Supernatural occasion meaning, an event taking place that has to do with ghosts, demons, angels, or any of the such.

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  • Maybe your blankets got bunched and it felt like a person when you were only half awake.

    • It was not any blanket on the bed. I was not using any blanket.

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    • Means?

    • What?

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  • Maybe it was the wall

    • Wall was far away from my bed and from me

    • How can you tell that it was a thigh and not any other body part?

    • Because my feet touched that properly. It can not be any other body part.

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  • you probably touched something and thought it was a thigh

    • No it was not anything there. Nothing was in the room except the bed on which I was lying and nothing was on my bed or near the bed. And It was really thigh.

    • alright then it was a ghost

    • Few days ago, when I was lying I felt someone pressing my both hands and like someone half lying on me I was not able to move my body and from very difficulty and struggle I sat.

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