Does anyone else feel like they're still on an identity Search? What is your experience?

All my family live in another country except my Mum (and I mean on the other side of the world). I don't know my dad, I grew up not knowing cousins and family and to make it worse. I've never been able to establish a relationship postively with my mum, it's always been quite detached and emotionless.

I think naturally people notice i'm a bit emotionally weak in my auroa I give off. I don't have a girlfriend so I feel like i really don't know what my identity is and who to relate or talk with.

I wouldn't consider my friends to be that deep and wouldn't understand this so I really don't know where to find myself and be happy. I can feel content when I have lots of things going on, but the moment people ask me questions that think of anything like my experiences or my identity I get depressed

Anyone else have their own experiences?


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  • i have almost the same experiences. im still trying to figure everything out.


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