Good ideas for a script?

So I need to write a script for drama (it has to be 30 minutes long) . It has to be appropreite for high schoolers pg 13 or 13


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  • Funny - stupid cop and driver, a person robbed a store and the cop arrests them, but the burglar flirts their way out the situation

    Romantic - a guy is trapped in a first, cabin, or a small room, and is free by a girl (damsel in shining armour), a person is targeted to be murdered, so the criminal spends time with the target as a fried so the target doesn't suspect the criminal, then the criminal soon falls in love, and doesn't murder, so then his/her boss threatens to kill him or her so the criminal desides he dies for his love.

    Mystery - a girls family is missing, so she searches for the family


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