Have you ever prayed for something and got an answer to your prayer?

Some of my prayers are answered and some of them are not.

For example - when I have health problems - I don't usually recover simply by praying for good health.

But if I have a spiritual or emotional or psychological problem I usually recover as soon as I pray for help.


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  • If i am facing problems i usually pray for the strength to cope. I rely on Gods strength to get me through.

    A while back i prayed to God to remove the haters and enemies from my life... i started losing friends

    When i am weak... i rely on Gods strength
    When i am facing a problem... i pray for guidane
    When i am sad... i pray for comfort

    I look on God as my... God , father and friend

    • Guidance*

      Thank you for MHO!

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  • still waiting on that :(

  • coincidence that's all


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  • Yes! I can think of a few examples, but here's my favorite.

    So I was driving home one day after hanging out with my ex. I was still 110% in love with him five months after we broke up, but I'd agreed to stay friends with him because I didn't want him out of my life completely. I was dead-convinced that this guy was the one for me, and that our only fault in our relationship was bad timing. My ex had no idea I felt this way at the time.

    Anyway, I was in my car after hanging out with him and I was really hurting. I began to pray desperately. I said, "God, I don't think I can do this anymore. It hurts too much to just be his friend. I think I have to let him go." And not a second later, our song came on the radio. It's not a new or particularly popular song, so it's not like the radio plays it frequently. Anyway, I got the message and I told God "okay, I'll hold on a little longer." My ex and I ended up getting back together a month later, and we're still together now (it's been a little over a year). We're very happy and I'm glad I didn't let go.

  • YES! And it feels amazing