Why do you objectify yourself with those rate me questions?

just look at the answers !

"oh your nose couldve been smaller"
"yea your arms are good but your stomach needs to shrink more"
"i like this... but that needs fixing"
"i would ***** you anyway you are good enough"

like seriously?

i mean i get the ones asking about clothes, but the rate my body/face ones...


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  • I also don't get these questions. It's such a lame way of fishing for compliments. Cuz none of these people (mostly girls) want to hear "I think you look pretty but I don't like xxx.." They just want to hear "oh, you're so beautiful!" or "wow, you're really hot!". It's like with girlfriends/wives asking before going on a night out how they look. I think my girlfriend is one of the very, very few girls who can actually take criticism on her looks. Most girls (maybe even most people) can't. I still remember this one time back when I was 18, when I lived abroad and I made a good female friend. One day she came to me after a long beauty session at the hairdresser and manicure and whatnot. She asked me how I thought she looked and I didn't like her new hairstyle. It just didn't fit to her face at all in my opinion and made her look ugly. But instead of being so harsh, I said "to be honest, I personally don't really like it". My friend got totally pissed at me, stormed off and didn't talk with me for the next 2 weeks. In addition, a friend of my host mom (I was an exchange student) yelled at me for being so rude to my friend. I was totally confused and said "but she asked for my opinion! Why ask for my opinion if you don't want to hear an honest reply?" Still today, I don't understand why so many people want to knowingly get lied at.
    That's also why I find answers to "rate my body"-questions such as "you're good enough to fuck" funny. People who ask such an unnecessary question deserve to get such an unnecessary answer.


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  • i always think everybody gets rated wayyyy better than they deerve to be honest. haha! but i guess thats just becuase im super picky about my own body so i fell that all women should be :/ i know its not right. but some people want to hear constructive cristism from people they dont know. motivates them a ittle bit. helps them see what others see.


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  • People wanna know what their league is.

  • Objectifying and asking an opinion are two different things


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