Is it ok to tell him that now I began to miss him?

Several months ago when we met, he began to like me immediately. I also like him but since he is 6 years younger than me and I just broke up, so I refused him. In these 3 months, he asked me out around once per month but I refused them all. The last time I refused him, and also being impolite to him. After that I began to regret about what I did, because I like him but worried about our age difference, so I kept distance on purpose. So after a week later, I apologized through text message and asked if he wanted to go out for a drink, but he replied, "it's ok, maybe some other time, I'm kinda busy and kind of seeing someone so who knows"

Its only several days after he asked me out, so it's almost impossible that he began to see someone in that short time (but still there's a possibility). Most probably he said this because he's unhappy with me.

Now I began to really miss him. Should I let him know that I miss him now? I never let him know that.. or I should just let him be? I think he will be happy if I tell him that I began to miss him, but not sure this is a good idea for both him and me...

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  • Yeah, I can see your not wanting to be stalker-ish. You might tell him and let him know that if things don't work out (hey, he's had several months to find someone) to consider giving you another go.

    FWIW, 6 years isn't THAT big an age difference.

    • So.. I should tell him that I miss him? But he refused to go out with me 2 days ago..

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    • Actually I never said that before.. it's a bit like I'm begging him, isn't it? :) is it ok I just tell him "now I began to miss you"?

    • I'd probably phrase it along the lines of "was thinking about it and realize I miss you" but yeah, pretty much.

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  • you should tell him.

    • Really? I really don't know

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  • Yeah, I just want to say that six years is a small gap by today's standards. People no longer just stick to within a couple of years. Age gaps are socially acceptable, and most people wouldn't even notice your age gap. But, if you feel like he's not mature enough for you, that's another story. You have to think to yourself, is he really what you want? Did you refuse him because you were worried about what others would think? Just do what makes you happy.

    • He is a good guy and mature enough, just I was being stupid.. I just broke up and was in a bad mood. But the thing is, he already refused to go out with me 2 days ago, so I dont know if he still want to see me, or will he feel happy to hear me telling him that I miss him?

    • I'd keep in touch if you can. Don't end the communication. Wait a bit and ask how things are going with this other person he is seeing.

  • It's as hard for guys as it is for girls

    • hard to do what?

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    • so what should I do? Now I want to see him, but according to the last message he replied me, he doesn't want to see me right now, or maybe (most probably) he is unhappy with me :(

    • He's probably busy with something just stay frieendly

  • Thats because he rejected you just move on he probably needs someone different than you.

    • But it's only a week since he asked me out the last time, I'm almost sure that he still has feeling for me

    • Sure give it a shot I suppose you could.

  • Tell him and see where it goes from there


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