What will happen if you accidentally ate a fruit filled with a couple maggots?

Though this was already a month ago, the idea of what just happened grosses me out. I went to visit Brazil with a couple friends and I tried the Sapote fruit. This is what it looks like (very similar to a mamey):


But ewww... when I was a bit more than halfway, I noticed a couple maggots deep around it (some dead and others still moving). Needless to say I think that's the most disgusting thing that ever. To think that I must have accidentally chew and swallow them without even noticing it... grosssssssssss.

So much for trying a new fruit. Just the idea that I could have finish it without even noticing it (if I haven't look)... even worse. But too late. Who knows how many of them disgusting maggots I already ate.


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  • It's not so bad. Eating bugs - including maggots - is commonplace in much of the world. It is a lean protein. Think about eggs! You are eating placentas that were in a chicken's vagina. Back to maggots, they are very useful too. For many kinds of wounds, they'll put lots of maggots on the wound to eat the dead skin and help prevent infection.


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  • Well I'd be a tad concerned because some bugs like that will actually chew there way out of your stomach if their heads aren't bitten off before you eat them or they aren't killed by your stomach acid.

  • They would die when they hit the acid in your stomach. You're gonna be ok.

    • Thanks. I'm ok and nothing happened but I was (and still) super grossed out.

    • Gross, for sure.

  • More protein? :x

    • I guess but that was so disgusting. I heard that in China, certain people eat worms, grosssss. I still can't believe I didn't notice them at the very moment.

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