Do you know about synthetic weed?

It is some kind of weed with some chemicals sprayed on it. Druggies smoke that stuff where I am from. Do you know about it? It is too harmful. Druggies throw their lifes away by smoking this stuff. It is the most common illegal drug where I am from. It is too bad. It is nothing like real weed but druggies just dont care about how bad it is. They dont give a damn.


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  • Where I'm from we have this stores that sell all kinds of legal drugs, from synthetic weed to pills of all kinds. What they do is like, if some type of drug is illegal, they add some random chemical which changes the formula what makes it not illegal because it's different from what is in the law. It's super dangerous, much more than natural drugs.

    • Synthetic weed is 100 percent illegal where you live but drug users usually dont get to the jail unless they sell it.

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    • People sell illegal drugs everywhere :P

    • My point was that synthetic weed is illegal in Turkey. Since it is illegal, it is more harmful because drug dealers make it themselves.

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  • That stuff is VERY bad. No one should EVER smoke it. Worse than crack.

    • Druggies in Turkey smoke it.

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    • Is it the kind where the dealers make the weed themselves? If so, then those friends of yours who smoke it are screwed. Just as dangerous, if not worse than the legal stuff.

    • Thats what drug dealers make themselves so it is worse than original stuff.