How to act towards a girl you were infatuated with who treated you like dirt but she's your neighbor?

Girl I really started to like ended up basically ignoring all my texts during the summer. I thought back on our relationship and realized she used me and occassionally acted fake and nice towards me in a flirty way just to get me to do stuff for her, then would end up going out with other guys who I thought treated her like shit. I was confused at first because she started hanging with me a lot at the end of the year and wanting to do stuff with me but I stopped caring once I really thought about it; so many better girls out there and she's just not worth it if she's going to treat me like shit whenever she thinks she's found something better. I deleted her off all social media and am totally done with her. She doesn't make me feel special even though I tried so hard to make her feel special so I've determined that she's nothing special. However, I'm gonna have to see her every day. I know this is a silly question and I don't even feel she warrants a hello when I first see her, but knowing her ability to act fake, I anticipate her saying "Oh I missed you so much" and hug me even though she ignored me. Is it ok to not say anything to her and just keep on going? We also used to have meals together in our friend group and what not which is obviously no longer going to happen for me, and I have plenty of other guy friends anyways so it's whatever.


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  • really just ignore her.


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