Do girls prefer girl-branded or gender-neutral merchandise?

Target recently made their sections gender-neutral, and Foxnews was complaining about it. So, is girl-branded (pink, frilly, etc.) stuff better for girls, or should everything be gender neutral?

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  • As long as the signs still say "Clothes, Bedding, Furniture." etc. on them i'll be fine. As long as i can find what i need.


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  • Very stupid marketing decision. I get they're trying to tap into the zeitgeist, but talking from experience, discrimination SELLS.

    If your target market is a particular sort of woman, then you need to get inside her head and make her believe that the product/service is for *her.* And that includes tapping into her prejudices, beliefs, etc.

    Right now, you can make a boatload of money selling women-only products (can't do that with male products right now, bad business). Women only gyms, women only hotel suites and entire floors for women only...

    Yes it's discrimination. But so fucking what? It makes fucking boatloads of money! Tapping into the women-only market it is a killing, and they have so many deluded prejudices that they are so fucking ripe for the picking, you can basically reach out and take out whatever you want from their wallets, they fucking eat that shit up.

    So while I get what Target is doing, I don't think they are on the right end of this, in terms of dollar signs.


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  • I like girly clothes, but at the same time i like edgy clothes. I dont think clothes should be such a big deal

  • I would prefer gender-neutral. I want to shop in the boy's section for shirts but I feel like people would be judging me.


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