How can I calm down, getting plastic surgery tomorrow?

I can;t sleep. I'm really excited. Been waiting a long time for this. Growing up was difficult for me because of my apperance. My jaw didn;t develop with the rest of my face correctly and I have a very large overbite. My nose is deviated and huge and I'm having a nose job done to make my face symterical. I'm honestly going to have a completley different apperance and I'm going to be attractive for the first time in my life. I've spent years... working on my body. I have an amazing body and physique but I've always been that guy with the great body but ugly face. I'm 23 almost 24.. I don't know how this is going to work out.. I know the dating world if going to completley change. Anyone ever have work done?


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  • That's exciting!! Don't be nervous if this is something you've always wanted! Lots of people have to go through life unhappy with the features they have. You're lucky!

  • Honey u just need to breathe

    • Imagine your face completely different.. my face will forever be changed at this time tomorrow.

    • Well worrying about it won't help

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