Is it bad that I am looking foward to school?

I just really haven't had much of a summer cause i work all the fricken time so im just wondering if its bad that i want this summer to be over i haven't had a lot of friend/boyfriend time so I don't know is it bad?

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  • No, Not in the least is it 'Bad,' @dancelover127, I believe that a lot of people may have felt like this This summer.
    The summer was mainly a big wash out with its weather in many places and a real Kill joy for those who may have had plans.
    My summer has mostly Consisted of moving back to PA here, dear, getting settled in and Arguing and fighting with a husband that I still have over in Egypt.
    With you working as many hours as you do, the heat Alone when it has been Hot is enough to want to throw the towel in And... Go on to the Cool Fall and Enjoy some of your hard earned money for Nice Threads that you can enjoy After the sun goes down, even if its with some time off just to walk around the malls or be with family.
    Good luck. xx

    • ... New threads too that you can show off at school. xx

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  • I couldn't agree more. I'm so pumped for school to start.

  • Well I haven't doneanything at all this summer, I didn't even have a job... And I can count the times I were with friends on my hands, which is not a lot.