Little kitten get lost in a huge backyard-what to do?

Kitten was 2 month old, but he was weak when he was born and very tiny and almost didn't eat. Then we started to feed him extra milk and only because of it he gained weight and grew up a little.
He was 2 months old, but he was smaller, he looked like he was 1 month... still very tiny. Just began to eat food and still drink cat`s milk...
But one morning i coudnt find him, and then in the everning my neighborhood told me, that she saw him in my backyard...
I tried to search for him, but backyard is huge and kitten is tiny and small and we have one small dog, that maybe scared kitten.
So its almost 2 days already, i know he is too little to survive, but what should i do?


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  • Accept the L on this one.

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