Always spleepy?

Hi! maybe my question isn't interesting for you but it is for me so please take it seriously!
i can't meet my boyfriend for the moment so we just speak on phone in the night but the problem is that i can't stay wake-up for along time... i'm always tired and sleepy... so my boyfriend started to be so angry for that and he don't want to speak with and he thought that i don't want to speak with him.. so please tell me what can i do :( :( :( ?
always spleepy?

i have.. i told him about that :(


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  • u said u speak wid him late at night.. possibly u wake-up early so it's obvious u'd feel tired and sleepy. simply tell him about it, and choose another time of da day to speak wid him ;)


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  • you need to tell him that you need your sleep. its important.


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  • It's always asleep day/night lol
    screw you loool


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