Why do so many girls say I am good looking?

I look at my pics, i see an ugly guy. I look in the mirror, i see a barely average looking guy. I even shot a video of myself just to check and i actually am kinda bad looking. However, I have had many girls use the various synonyms of handsome to compliment my appeal lol. In fact just today, this one girl I saw, she was mind blowing hot and as I walked behind her (not stalking, I had to go for my class in the same direction lol) she looked back for a sec, smiled and then subtly parted her hair from behind. I of course am not complaining, I love all this, but i really wonder how girls could be so blind lol


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  • Some girls like ugly or are just being nice. for example Beards are considered ugly but some girls like them. a lot of cats and dogs are ugly like pugs but girls love them


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  • Nonono How can you be so blind? Believe it or not, more than one person will find someone attractive in their life. Just sometimes, people get many admirers, and that's cool I guess.

    Soooo... Accept the fact that you're hot as fuck!

    • i really doubt that, even my guy friend once said I am a 6 on my best day ( i never asked, stupid friend lol) and I am only 5'9''

    • Maybe it's your personality.. Just something about you that attracts girls.

      Oh and 5'9 isn't bad

  • you are the blind one..

    • No I am not lol, i mentioned in a comment about my guy friend rating me

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    • quite possible, he is a bit of an ass

    • see.. i know i am right. 8)

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  • Low self esteem is an iinternal problem, no outside measures can erase how you feel.

    Dig deep and find the inner source of your insecurity, and counter it. 8-)

    • no insecurity. for one, I am not too concerned about looks, I mean I still do look normal enough since I don't have any genetic disorders or huge scars or anything. That incident I mentioned just happened today and it got me thinking lol

  • Post a pic or never happen, xD

    • nope lol, well, the above incident just happened today and i have been told so by a few girls before, i find it surprising myself

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