Will a turtle survive in one of these?

Will a turtle survive in one of these?

I'm buying a turtle soon and I don't have enough for a tank so I'm using one of these, will it work? I will buy a UVB and basking area. Also it will be s bit bigger


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  • I believe it will.


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  • no. its cruel to keep it something like that.

    I suggest you do some research before buying a pet you can't care for properly.

    I have a feeling you will still buy it anyway, and this will fall on deaf ears. But if you keep a turtle in that it is cruel. no ifs or buts about it.

    • I did research, I was just wondering stop being a fucking ass.

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    • I've seen videos on YouTube of turtles in places like that and some lasted up to 2 years but I'll wait till I have enough for a tank. Thanks though

    • im sorry if i came across as a bit harsh, but honestly its cruel and I keep terrapins myself. I despise animal cruelty and although you probably mean well, its better to get a suitable enclosure set up before buying your turtle.

      Not only is it better for the animal, but it looks a lot better. on top of that, keeping it in a small tub like that means it will probably smell pretty bad. They are very messy animals and need decent water filtration.

      Again, i apologize if i came across as blunt, its just that i hate to see animals in unsuitable conditions.