Why would an ex still try to have any enteracions with you when they see you around, if your such a bad person in there eyes?

Ok help guy's help me figure this situation out. So lets say you are year's down the road and find some dirty info about your ex. Only 2 mouth's of dating and 3 years of knowing one another. So question is: if they felt like you made them feel like nothing, they also felt like you didn't meet there standards, or just not there type, also they keep stuff and info to themself about there feelings about you and the past relationship, also there were many problems or issues going on but didn't say a word just went with the flow like it's ok, also they feel that they regerts the person that they dated it. So bascailly all this being said: they made you feel stupid, and dumb, but to other people they make you seem like youe the wrost thing that has ever happend in there life. So if they feel this way about you. Then why are they ever so often driving down your st, trying to find ways to have some type of interaction with you when they really don't have to, or behind your back making themselfs look good and making you look bad, but in front of your face they act as if they done nothing wrong. And also why would they still have in there head about wanting to have a sexual relationship with you, if they moved on or just didn't care about you as much. Then why would you still trying to hook up with me, driving down my st just to see if I'm with someone, or even just talking to me when they really don't have to?


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  • Probably for the pussy.

    • Will of course they loved it smh. But if they feel so negative about me why even that much.

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    • For guys and sexual partners it's a case of the more the merrier! So he'll try it on because there's not much to lose!

      @timmy111 exactly!

    • Will see here is the thing. (Timmy111) he may not have any emotions or attachment to me or any other chick he has been with. But the times him and I hooked up, he would want sex more, more, and more. Or he would get out of hand and get jealous if i was talking or seeing another guy, or even if I said I had sex with another guy he wouldn't like it, or he would get confused about what we were doing. Like he would say stufd like oh what are we doing, should we be more, or even has told me he loved me, and cuddle with me afte sex. If it is just sex then shouldn't ask for me to spend the night, or getting jealous. Smh

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  • I'm going to say that they still have feelings for you, but wish they didn't. Best thing to do is cut off all contact. If they drive by your house, pretend you don't see/care. If they text you, don't respond... ever... block if you have to. If they come up to you, walk away without a word. This person is desperate for your attention, don't give it to them, because they are just trying to hurt you.

    • Your right. They have hurt me more then enough words can not explain. It's just that if they wasn't into the way they say they are. Then why waste time trying to make us work or even get my attention. And then they still want to have sex with me thats crazy. We don't text, call or anything but I happen to see him ever now an then.

    • He want's to have sex with you because well... he wants sex, and because it's just another way to "use" you and hurt you more. Don't let him play you. Guys that are trying to make it work don't talk bad about you behind your back.

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  • Trying to interact with that person in this particular case would ( in my opinion ) trying to get more dirt on them , and not so much trying to be fronds ; just acting that way so this person would be less on their guard

    • What do you mean in other words?

    • In your post you stated that they make themselves look good while making you look bad. Gossiping about someone or running them down , is a popular way to do just that. It possible that he is befriending you to get you to tell him thing so he can go and carry to his friends and who knows maybe even your own friend that he can use to make you look bad and make him out to be some sort of saint

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