I'm going to give my daughter to my sister and her husband. Is it a good idea?

I'm 19 and pregnant in 6th month. I was thinking of giving the baby to my sister and her husband because they can't have kids of their own and my boyfriend and i can't support the baby yet. I've talked to him about it and he agreed with me but I still don't know if this a good idea or not. I mean we still so young and we want to finish the our studies first. Besides i can't just give my daughter to some strangers and let her go that far from me. I want to talk to my sister about this but after i take your opinions guy so please help me. If there's any cons or pros to this decision tell me about everything.<br />thanks

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  • This is a tough decision. I could never do something like that. I may struggle to support the kid, but it's still my kid, I'm responsible for s/he's creation, I can't just give it to someone else.
    But, it's better for a kid to be raised by someone that wants her/him than by some parents that don't want to.
    So for the sake of the kid, give it to your sister, at least there's a chance for the baby to be raised in a stable environment and be happy.


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  • You know what? My mother did the same thing as you, she never loved me. You sicken me just like her. You claim to love a child yet you give it away like it's a gift. I'm disgusted.

    • Because ruining its future is obviously the better choice.

    • @Prettygurl : why create it if you can't support it?

    • @Prettygurl12

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  • how about not having kids until you can support it? people like you make me sick

    • People like me? Do you think I wanted this? Stop making me feel bad about myself!

    • It is wrong of you to judge other people.. You have NO idea what other people are going through! People like YOU make ME sick! anyways to the asker... You are fine and the fact that you are smart enough know that you aren't ready for this type of responsibility is brave

  • Only if you also include baby seasonings int he gift box. It's a nice treat to cook up a baby for a Sunday dinner, but it's always awkward going to the store and asking them wear the baby seasoning is... Remember to be thoughtful when giving gifts.

  • You'll only know if it was a good idea when the child starts getting curious about what happened.

    • How?

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    • What should I do then? This is so confusing

    • I'd first talk with a child psychiatrist: he knows about what could go wrong. (he doesn't see the people where it turns out without any problem, of course). Just a talk, to inform yourself. It would be interesting if your sister was present or did see the same doctor. (he may ask it)

  • noo dont do it fam

    • Do you have a better solution?

    • pls be a good mom.. at least try... the poor baby needs his mom no mother what :/ pls im begging you

  • Dear god don't ask the internet for this life changing choice, it all comes down to you and your family

  • This is a family issues, talk to your sister and her husband about the ground rules with your boyfriend included of course and see if it's a good thing for everybody.

    GaG'er can't help making this kind of decisions.


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