How can I make my girlfriend believe me about something that involves beer and driving (I did not drink and drive), was I wrong in allowing this?

Me and my girlfriend and some friends went to a beach party type thing. I’am far from a party person and i don’t like loud things and what not. Well my girlfriend forced me to come cause our friend were going so I tagged along. Last night I was with another guy in my car and he had a beer and opened it. I didn’t really care cause I wasn’t drinking and driving so I let him drink in the car. So he did. I will admit I had a little sip but it wasn’t a big deal. So my car smelled like beer. When me and my girlfriend were going to go out in the night she smelled beer and thought I was drinking and driving cause my friend not only left his beer can in the car but the rest of his remaining 6 pack.

My girlfriend is pretty sure I was drinking and driving (which is not true) and she takes this stuff serous cause one of her family members passed away from it. Anyways when I told her I let my friend drink in the car she called me pathetic and literally has not spoken to me the whole day.

I didn’t do anything bad right? Most important what can I do so my girlfriend can talk to me?


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  • Basically show her this post, you have absolutely no reason to lie to strangers on the net. Then show her the comments.


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  • i think your girlfriend overreacted by calling you pathetic
    any girl who disrespects you like that deserves to be dumped

    • no i wouldn't dump her, she gets mad about the things she cares about

    • dude calling you pathetic is really disrespectful...
      if any girl called me that i would leave her...
      She overreacted, and doesn't trust you obviously

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  • I don't really blame her for getting upset since she has had someone she loves killed in an alcohol related accident. Try to step into her shoes.
    I don't know how you're going to be able to convince your girlfriend that you didn't drink and drive, but the best thing you can do is to just not let your friends bring open containers of alcohol in your car again (where I live that is highly illegal).


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  • You had a little sip but told her i dont drive and drink, you basically lied to her.


    Betray trust
    Causes her to worry

    If you dont realize it then of course you didn't do anything bad (sarcasm)

    • a little sip isn't the end of the world

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    • 110% i don't drink and drive. I took a small sip, you have my word on that. He gave me his beer and i took a sip and gave it back. I would never endanger the life of someone else or mine

    • Then tell her those words from the heart

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